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Our recommendations, for the establishment of US Trusts, will depend on whether the Grantor of the trust is a US person or not. And a US person...



US Trust Advisory Services LLC (UTAS) offers the following services: Advice on the use of US entities and tax issues related to same; Formation of US LLCs, and US corporations...



UTAS is a Delaware LLC, which was formed in November 2016, and it is a wholly owned subsidiary of Offshore Consulting Services Limited...


Welcome to the Home Page of US Trust Advisory Services LLC (“UTAS”), which is a company that specifically functions to assist non-US persons to establish US entities for investment and wealth planning purposes.

US entities means US Trusts, including non-reporting Hybrid Trusts, US corporations and US LLCs, as the single member LLC is the corporate body that is usually of most benefit to international clients, due to the “pass through” taxation of income. 

UTAS services include the following:

  • Formation of US LLCs and US corporations;
  • Establishment of US Domestic Trusts and US Hybrid Trusts;
  • Delivering legal and tax advice for US entities;
  • Assisting entities to establish US bank and investment accounts;
  • US immigration advice and related services.

For more information please visit our “Services” page.

UTAS also delivers advice on the reporting obligations of owning US corporations plus the tax obligations of being a beneficiary of a US Trust. In addition, we advise how entities should be structured for tax optimization.  

Most of our clients are international tax lawyers, wealth planners, foreign fiduciaries and other professional introducers with a newly developed interest, in US entities, due to privacy erosion concerns, for their clients, because of the adoption of the Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”) by almost all international financial centers, except the USA, as it is reported that the USA did not adopt CRS because it has its own reciprocal reporting regime under the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (“FATCA”).

Thus, US entities can minimize CRS reporting if financial asset management takes place wholly within the US. It should also be possible to eliminate FATCA reporting, in such case, as FATCA reporting relates to non-US accounts.

UTAS can deliver advice on CRS and FATCA reporting, as one of our principals is a CRS and FATCA specialist, who delivers FATCA and CRS training upon client request.

We will also assist US Trustees to engage with international clients, as the principals of UTAS have a great deal of international fiduciary experience in addition to being US Trust knowledgeable. UTAS can deliver foreign protector services to US Hybrid Trusts too.

Although we prefer to deal with professional introducers, we will deliver services to non-introduced clients, if they contact us directly, subject to a vetting process.

Through a huge network of professional contacts, UTAS can help clients to establish foreign corporations, trusts, foundations and special purpose corporate entities, including funds, in a wide variety of jurisdictions. UTAS can also assist clients to obtain investment administration services including insurance and pension products that are used for wealth management purpose. 

UTAS also delivers advice to clients who have an interest in residing in the USA, or visiting for business purposes, including helping to obtain visas and delivering tax advice related to immigration.   

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