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As we advised on our “Background” page, UTAS is wholly owned by Offshore Consulting Services Limited (“OCSL”), a Bahamas domiciled wealth planning company. OCSL’s website is

UTAS retains International Tax Consultants LLC (“ITC”) to deliver US trust and tax advice. ITC’s website is

UTAS partners with the UAE based legal services firm called Global Legal Group (“GLG”) and GLG’s website is

UTAS is also a member firm in the ADAM Global network of international firms and the UTAS CEO, Ed Rogers, is the current North American region President of ADAM Global (“AG”). AG’s website is

Many articles have been published by UTAS, OCSL, ITC and Global Legal Group. Most articles have been published on the LinkedIn professional contacts network and links to some of those articles appear below:

US Trust Advisory Services LLC

Comparison of New Zealand Foreign Trusts with US Foreign Trusts (aka Hybrid Trusts) *

Offshore Consulting Services Limited

20 Year Business Anniversary

Barbados Trust Administration Workshop

30 years as a financial services professional

Global Legal Group

Introducing Global Trust Group

Guide to the benefits of owning company shares through a discretionary trust *

*Also published on the LowTax network









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